[FB] The Battle of The Thames 1813 скачать торрент на PC бесплатно

[FB] The Battle of The Thames 1813 скачать торрент (2009)

[FB] The Battle of The Thames 1813 скачать торрент
  • Платформа: PC / Компьютер
  • Категория/жанр: Карты
  • Язык интерфейса: Русский
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  • Теги: карты, Завоевание Америки
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Author: [HWK]Claudius (FB Only) In the war of 1812, after the loss of the British fleet on Lake Erie, British General Proctor no longer had enough men to defend the south western frontier of Upper Canada (Ontario). Much to the disgust of his native allies, he abandoned Fort Maldin and withdrew into the interior of the province along the Thames River. His small army of 500 regulars was joined by 500 natives under the command of Tecumseh. His native allies were quite dismayed by his retreat so near the town of Morriston he was persuaded to make his stand. He set up his line with his flanks protected by a creek and forest on one side and a river to his south. The position also had a swamp in front of him which he felt would force the US to either concentrate their army into a narrow approach or to divide their forces. The American army under the command of Harrison (later president of the US), were hot on their heals. Eager to once and for all destroy the Native alliance founded by Tecumseh. The Americans had with them nearly 1000 calvary, a rarity in the war of 1812. Harrison the the Calvary commander realized that Protors deployment was set in a strong position to repulse infantry, but could be easily crushed by calvary. So begins the only major calvary charge of the war of 1812. The battle was an easy American victory. It was one of the first major land victories for the US in the war of 1812.


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